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#1 Hits of the 60's

Vintage 60's tribute show 2016 schedule, reviews, coupons and information about the Americana Theater. Call to buy #1 Hits of the 60's tickets, a 1960's music show.

Shows at Branson MO


It has been voted out of all the shows at Branson MO the Best Matinee Show two years in a row. It’s said to be the most fun you’ll have in shows at Branson MO! Join the high energy party revisiting and reminiscing the era of the British Invasion, Motown, California Surfin’ and the Age Of Aquarius. There’s more than 90 songs and 100 costume changes. This musical throwback show consistently gets excellent reviews. Some of the songs they perform are famous 1960’s songs like Do Ya Love Me, Hey Jude, Stop in the Name of Love, Cherish, A Hard Days Night, and Ain’t No Mountain High.


This year the performance is at the Americana Theater. It’s fun-filled, fast-paced, and high-energy its award-winning cast and live band deserve every award they’ve received. The variety show includes music, dance, comedy, 1960’s trivia, and unique video segments, including a tribute to Vietnam Veterans. Along with the special tribute to veterans, in the Christmas season the show is a Christmas show complete with decorations, festive costumes, and Christmas carols. The thought and time put into producing the show is exhausting but it’s ability to transport the audience back into an authentic experience of the 1960’s is priceless.


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2016 Schedule

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2016 Ticket Prices

Child: $19

Adult: $35

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