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Branson Magic Show

Come enjoy a Branson magic show, featuring everything from the magic and illusion of Rick Thomas, to Reza, The Revolutionists, Hamner Barber, and Taylor Reed.

list of magic shows

Magic Shows in Branson MO


Magic shows in Branson MO have everything from tricks with royal white tigers, cutting people in half, disappearing tricks, ventriloquists, mind reading, and magic and illusion that is on a level with David Blaine, Criss Angel, and Harry Houdini. Magic and illusion audiences are quickly growing in attendance and acts. Magic shows in Branson MO have 4 magic shows with world famous illusionists and magicians. It won't just be the kids who are amazed by a Branson magic show, parents are on the edge of their seats with shocked looks on their faces. You'll see helicopters disappear, dancers come from empty paintings and even audience participation with the kids. Put in a word with the box office before the show and possibly surprise one of your family members with being called on stage. Maybe surprise your kids with a moment of fame, but whatever happens you'll never forget your stage time. 


Often there's laughing and comedy and many of these shows have performers and singers and dancers that were in international touring acts. We have a list of 2016 Branson magic shows that are top rated and have great reviews. It's hard to pick the best Branson MO magic show since there's so many, but you might as well try more than one with the discounts and cheap show tickets we have!  Audiences of all ages love the shows and it's perfect for family vacations and always has great Branson show reviews. 


Performances from Rick Thomas, Taylor Reed, Reza, Hamner Barber, and the Revolutionists will WOW you! If you're planning your vacation trip to Branson Missouri we have schedules, discounts, rates, times and cheap show tickets. To see a list of magic shows in Branson MO look below.

Branson Show Reviews


Our vacation town's magic theaters have some of the best Branson show reviews in the world. Audiences every day are in complete shock and awe at seeing something they've never seen. Performances are so amazing that attendees say if they had known about the magic shows before they would have put them on their bucket list. If you only take your family to one show this year and need something with Branson show reviews that families like, then it's hands down the illusion shows in town. Visit our list of magic show Branson performances for 2016 for discounts every month! You can buy cheap show tickets to a Branson MO magic show and find schedules, performance times, and rates by browsing the shows below.

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