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2016 schedule, coupons and info about this unique brand new illusion show called "Edge of Illusion.". Call to buy Reza illusionist tickets, the slight of hand and street magic show of Branson.

Reza Branson MO


The new Reza Branson MO show Edge of Illusion is brand new. It follows the Reza magician debut in The Revolutionists at Music City Center Theater in town. Fans and critics alike give astounding reviews for Reza illusionist tricks and feats. He has sold out venues from coast to coast and has entertained over 1 million attendees. The Reza Branson MO "Edge of Illusion" has a cutting edge approach with mainly original illusions. It is entertaining, interactive, and comedic. Audiences witness the modern age of magic with seamless perfection that will make you whirl around to the rest of your group with raised eyebrows in astonishment. Reza Illusionist is highly skilled at sleight of hand and street magic.

He is one of the fastest rising performers in the industry, with wild raving reviews, a unique perception of magic that makes way for baffled, wowed, and thrilled audiences. Reza magician shows have sold out and have been televised in 31 countries. This year the Reza Branson MO show will be at Starlite Theater off the main strip. It will feature talented dancers and world class illusions. He is new, young and exciting and a big hit with families and well worth the ticket all summer and fall long.


Call us for the 2016 Reza magician schedule and to buy tickets to this magic show at Starlite Theater in Branson Missouri.

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2016 Schedule

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edge of illusion


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2016 Ticket Prices

Adult: $29

Call 417-334-0003 for info

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