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Acrobats of China

Acrobats of China Branson MO 2016 schedule, coupons and information about the New Shanghai Circus Branson performance. Call to buy Acrobats of China Branson tickets, one of the only acrobat shows in town.

Acrobats of China Branson MO


Shock, awe, standing ovations, disbelief, color, costumes, and a trip across the world and you have one of town’s only acrobatic shows: The Acrobats of China Branson MO show. The performance, dancing, and stage art of the Chinese acrobats Branson show moved from the Smoky Mountain Palace Theater to the Yakov Theater for 2016. You’ll see things most people on watch on National Geographic or pays $1,000’s to take a trip to see. Watch the Chinese acrobats Branson cast climb tall stacks of chairs, spin plates on the end of a long bamboo sticks, balance small wooden benches their head, flip bowls and climb tall poses and long leather straps.


Witness the famous Lion Dance at the Yakov Theater. It’s a Chinese tradition which was a gift to an ancient emperor of China from a kingdom far to the West. The lion dance has a comic giant mythological lion with yak hair and a beautiful golden head and big eyes that dances with costume performers around the stage. You’ll see hoop diving with large hoops with a woven mesh bottom originally used to shake and divide grain during harvest time. It became a tradition to see who could dive through hoops and how many harvesters could dive through. You’ll see Chinese acrobats Branson troupe juggle and spin pottery and toss wares high into the air in thrilling feats. Contortion is one of the oldest recorded forms of acrobatics, and performers show their strength and flexibility as they bend and twist to form living sculptures. You will be enthralled by the dance of the New Shanghai Circus Branson entertainment.


Call us for the 2016 schedule, reviews and to buy Acrobats of China Branson tickets.

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2016 Schedule

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2016 Ticket Prices

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