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Amazing Acrobats of Shanghai

Acrobats of China Branson MO 2016 schedule, coupons and information about the New Shanghai Circus Branson performance. Call to buy Acrobats of China Branson tickets, one of the only acrobat shows in town.

Shanghai Circus Branson


The Amazing Acrobats of Shanghai is a new show in town, but has stunned audiences worldwide! Over 40 gifted acrobatic artists bring the Orient to life on stage in the award winning Shanghai Circus Branson performance. Their performance is a presenting traditional and innovative acts that celebrate the exotic wonders of China. Audiences take pleasure in classic Chinese dance and astounding physical performance art. The Amazing Acrobats of Shanghai is considered to be one of China’s most celebrated acrobatic companies. Shanghai Circus Branson is a show for all ages that astounds critics with the performer’s balance and control while at the same time entrancing children with colorful costumes and a friendly dragon mascot that greets the audience. During the show you’ll learn about Chinese culture, and watch everything from yo-yo tricks to balancing chair acts 25 feet in the air. Following the show you can greet the cast and take photos with them.

New Shanghai Theater Branson


The New Shanghai Theater Branson is home to amazing feats of acrobatic prowess. It’s full of impressive backdrops, striking costuming, and state-of-the-art lighting. The stage was engineered to integrate the ancient Chinese history with modern Chinese architectural style. The theater features a replica of the world's oldest bronze ware, an over 2000 year old ding urn, used by royalty. The New Shanghai Theater Branson building also holds replica Terra Cotta Warriors, unique "ringing" rocks, and various other Chinese cultural items. It sits right off the Strip with easy access to several back roads to provide guests with a way to skip traffic, and it has level parking. 


Call us for the 2016 schedule, reviews and to buy Acrobats of China Branson tickets.

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2016 Schedule

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2016 Ticket Prices

Child: $12

Adult: $34

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