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Barry Williams Branson

70s Music Celebration! starring Barry Williams Branson MO 2016 schedule, information and coupons for the Americana Theater. Call to buy Barry Williams Branson tickets, a 1970s and Brady Bunch music show.

70s Music Celebration


The 70s Music Celebration! starring Barry Williams is a thrilling multimedia experience with televisions child star from the Brady Bunch cast, Greg (Barry Williams). Relive and reminisce the 1970s with this 1970s music tribute and Barry's personal experiences on this nostalgic trip through this memorable era. The show is accompanied by Branson's best singers and dancers along with the show’s band. There’s a reason why this show at the Americana Theater gets astounding reviews after every performance.


It’s a high energy, a full production, and a multimedia extravaganza featuring all the 1970s hits from Country music and Classic Rock. The musical catalogue includes: Elton John, the Eagles, the Bee Gees. Audiences rave that it’s a memorable experience and that the show and the cast is, “at the top of their game.” Regardless of whether you're a product of the 70's or not this, is an excellent show with great interaction and a celebration of an epic music era. There are lots of fun costume changes, great musicians, the cast is incredibly talented. This year the Barry Williams Branson performance appears at the Hughes Brothers Theatre on the famous Hwy 76. Relive the personal experiences of the Brady Bunch cast from the show. He’ll take you on a nostalgic trip Brady Bunch trip through history. It’s an amazing chance to spend two hours with the fun and cheerful icon of an era bygone, and a chance to get lost in the innocence and fun that the 1970s held for music and the Brady Bunch cast.


Call us for the Branson MO 2016 schedule and to buy 70s Music Celebration Show tickets.

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2016 Schedule

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2016 Ticket Prices

Child: $15

Adult: $34

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