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Branson Car Museum



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The first Branson car museum is the Branson Auto and Farm Museum. More than 100 classic cars including racecars, brass, celebrity, muscle, and special interest vehicles are on display at the Branson Auto Museum. Memorabilia for vehicles of all kinds line the walls. This Branson MO car museum location originally opened in Spring of 2009 as a site dedicated to the appreciation and conservation of significant and celebrated automobiles.  However, the Branson 2012 tornado completely demolished the building and it was one of the attractions destroyed in the tornado.  Mr. Wilder vowed to rebuild the museum and in the Spring of this year it’s rebuilt even bigger and better and grown with a farm portion. You can view numerous tractors, cannons, automobiles and other farm equipment. The charm and character of the building gives these vehicles the nostalgic memorial exhibit they deserve, and the amazing thing is attendees can even buy the unique old classic vehicles. You don’t have to be a farmer or an auto mechanic to enjoy the Branson Auto Museum with the 1,000’s of other visitors.

Branson Auto Museum

Celebrity Car Museum Branson

This is the second and absolutely amazing Branson car museum in our Missouri town. Snap a picture with and see famous movie, celebrity, historic figure, and infamous cars at the Celebrity Car Museum Branson MO site! When our visitors recognize one from their favorite movies or tv shows the feeling is electrifying. Stand with your favorite classic car museum vehicle for a once in a lifetime photo opportunity as exciting as meeting a famous Hollywood celebrity! There are 85 to 100 cars on exhibit featuring a large variety of muscle cars, classics, and street rods. One unique thing is most of the cars on display at the Celebrity Car Museum Branson MO location is they can actually be purchased making it a revolving museum every month with brand new automobiles on show. 


FAMOUS CARS ON DISPLAY: Some of the cars to view include the vehicle from Fast and Furious movies, Barricade from Transformers, Herbie The Love Bug, and the Back to the Future Delorean. You can even view cars from XxX, Mission Impossible, Breaking Bad, James Dean’s documentary Crash, Andy Griffith’s personal Honda motorcycle and more with something for everyone.

auto showcase room, classic automobile vehicle
red tractor display, farm equipment vehicle
1960s yellow vehicle, display automobile
tangerine colored automobile
rebuilt from tornado damage, hwy 76 strip, vehicle exhibit

2015 schedule, reviews, details, discounts and interesting facts about the Branson car museum exhibits. Call to buy museum tickets with our coupon code. We are lucky to have two prestigious auto museums featuring famous historical vehicles, models, and authentic automobiles that the whole family will love.

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