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Buckets and Boards

Branson Missouri 2016 schedule, coupons, and information about the comedy drum show with great family reviews. Call to buy Buckets and Boards Branson tickets, one of the most original comedy shows with amazing drummers.

Buckets and Boards Branson


The Buckets and Boards Branson show features Matt Levingston and Gareth Sever who have handcrafted a hilarious, vigorous show full of precise percussion, hilarious music, Ozark tap dancing, homemade drums from buckets to stage displays and exceptional musical aptitude. Matt and Gareth's Buckets and Boards Branson MO performance was voted as the Best Comedy Show in Branson and consistently gets top rated reviews. Buckets N Boards is a comedy percussion show for 2016 at the Starlite Theater with great reviews. These are two incredibly talented dancers, comedians, singers, and percussionists. Crowds love every minute of the performance and ages spanning from 10 to 71 years old are shocked and laugh. You'll walk away wanting to buy a set of drumsticks for yourself.


It’s a 2 hour comedy percussion show like no other and completely worth the price of admission. It's an experience that has, and will, entertain the entire family! The Buckets and Boards Branson MO act is an interactive experience that even uses audience members to help! Kids enjoy going on stage and being a star in this funny show. If you’re looking for family friendly shows on your vacation with great reviews, then add this attraction to your list. The unexpected comedy and cheerful personalities of Matt and Gareth will leave you laughing the rest of your vacation in town! Go laugh until you cry at the best comedy show in Branson Missouri in the Starlite Theater right off the famous Strip on 76.


Call us for the Branson Missouri 2016 schedule and to buy their tickets.

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2016 Schedule

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2016 Ticket Prices

Child: $13

Adult: $25

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