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Bungee Jumping in Missouri

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2015 schedule, reviews, prices, coupons, discounts and interesting facts about Bungee jumping in Missouri. Find out what it's like to ride this thrilling daredevil attraction. You can even have kids and grandparents ride. Call our tourism staff to buy tickets and to see what it feels like.

Branson Bungee Jumping

What is bungee jumping in Missouri? It’s one of the most unique exhilarating activities the “Show Me State” has to offer. It involves jumping from a high structure while linked to a huge elastic cord. Many of the structures worldwide are fixed objects like buildings, bridges or cranes. Bungee jumping in Branson MO is incredibly safe, but with a twist.  Branson bungee jumping is one of the most exhilarating activities. If you’re wondering, “is it safe for kids,” or, “how old do you have to be,” your answer is you can actually be a kid and jump in Branson MO! Worldwide many jumps are done from movable objects, such as hot air balloons and helicopters hovering over the ground. In town the same thrill  from free-falling and rebounding is there, but with a contraption that doesn’t take training. 


What is bungee jumping in Branson MO like? Thrill seekers have a blast on the Skycoaster, which is a 100 foot tall super swing that combines elements of jumping, as well as skydiving and hang gliding. It’s located at The Tracks 4. Visitors are harnessed and pulled 100 feet into the air. From this amazing view the ripcord is yanked and you start your 70 mph swinging adventure! Unlike regular jumps, you can have 1 to 3 people join you on your rush. Hearing the “1 2 3 fly” and dropping at this speed is incredibly thrilling and the most unique non-traditional bunjee jumping in Missouri experience you can have. Other activities Branson bungee jumping at Track 4 include:


Heavy Metal High Rise
Classic Go Karts
Kiddie Go Karts
Bumper Boats
Bumper Cars
Star Wheel Ferris Wheel
Spinning Top
Putt Putt Mini Golf

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