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Butterfly Palace Branson

Details, schedule, info, reviews and discount tickets for visitors. Tourists and locals can walk among live tropical butterflies and enjoy several interactive activities for kids, teens, parents and grandparents can enjoy! 

Butterfly Palace Branson MO


Branson Missouri. Imagine thousands of astonishing, exotic butterflies fluttering by you! Vacationers can stroll through beautiful orchids, dozens of towering palm trees, and other exotic plants and flowers in the Living Rainforest. It’s not a museum, it’s a rainforest! The Butterfly Palace Branson MO attraction has butterflies that wouldn’t normally live in your backyard. The exotic butterflies in the aviary are imported under strict USDA control, and can be found in precious few collections around the world. The aviary’s tropical environment is also home to a unique collection of birds and other exotic botanical specimens.


At the Butterfly Palace Branson MO rainforest science center kids and parents can learn about rainforest inhabitants, like vividly-colored salamanders, geckos, poison dart frogs, and even giant cockroaches, which are on display in the interactive learning environment. You can get a really close view of things at the light microscope display, and take a peek inside a frog with the virtual frog dissection kiosk. One element that always has great reviews is the Rainforest Theater on site. You can also test your navigation abilities in the Emerald Forest Mirror Maze. Lastly, if you’d like, adventure inside the Banyan Tree Bungee Adventure. The Bungee Adventure has rocks, fallen pillars, and hundreds of vines stretching from floor to ceiling at various angles to climb. Occasionally there are also interactive educational workshop projects for tourists such as, making a butterfly in a flower from a 2-liter bottle. In some workshops you can also grow a butterfly haven using native plants and flowers, and create a fluttering butterfly mobile from recycled materials.

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