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Crystal Cave Springfield MO

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2015 reviews, hours, walkthrough details, coupons, discounts and interesting facts about Crystal Caves. Find out what it's like in this magical underground wonder of nature. Call our tourism staff to buy tickets with our web visitor coupon code this month.

Crystal Cave

Visitors on travel are always near-unanimous in their positive reviews for this amazing attraction. However, if you’re wondering what are the hours for Crystal Cave tours and a walkthrough, it’s very unique. For this attraction you must call first and arrange a visit ahead of time. It has had guided tours and walkthrough tours continuously since 1893 by the family who owns it.


It’s a splendid exhibition of nature and one of the most unique caves in the Midwest. Tours run approximately 80 minutes. It is a gentle climb inside the Crystal Cave Springfield MO interior.  There are many roomy areas and photography is encouraged. The interior has several unique geological features including underground waterfalls, stalactite and stalagmites, and an upside down well. There are also massive dripstone columns, and a multi-hued rainbow falls. Wondering what is Crystal Cave like? Here’s a list of some of the things you’ll see spelunking.










It stays 59 degrees year around, so bring a jacket. Lights are provided. Crystal Cave Springfield MO is only 5 miles from the highway and is a privately owned operation operated by only two people.

Caves in Springfield MO

Crystal Caves are some of the best caves in Springfield MO and is the second oldest in Missouri. This show cave is also one of the few mom and pop operations left in Missouri. It opened in 1893. Today, the highest density of show caves are in France, Germany, Italy, and Austria. They’re not profitable businesses, but they are incredibly fascinating.


There are actually 100’s of privately owned spelunking caves in Springfield MO that pepper the hills in the Ozarks that have never been opened to the public. Fantastic Caverns is one of the only other locations that is opened for show, just down the road by Ozark Missouri. For the owners of the Crystal Cave Springfield MO location it’s not about profit. They show tours year after year purely as an educational opportunity. They call it their “retirement job.” Edith Richardson says. “You have to do something to keep you busy.” 

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