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2016 Dino Kartsonakis concert schedule, info and coupons for his show "The Entertainer." Call to buy Dino Branson tickets, for the most talented pianist in Branson MO music shows.

Dino Branson


Dino Kartsonakis piano skills have earned him the nickname "America's Piano Showman," and he is back in Branson with his brand new show, "The Entertainer." The Dino Branson MO show presents this exquisite piano musical showcase with his wife Cheryl on this Broadway style journey. Dino Kartsonakis piano music has earned multiple Dove Awards from the Gospel Music Association for the recordings and performances. In addition, his music was on the Grammy-winning soundtrack for the movie, The Apostle. He performs everything from Unchained Melody to The Entertainer, Chariots of Fire, and the Star Wars theme song.

Reviews of the Dino Kartsonakis piano show in Branson have said its a rare blend of extravagance and genuineness that will bring tears to your eyes.

He's the undisputed number one piano performer in America today.  There is a reason he sells out shows in music theaters and concert halls across the world. "The Entertainer" will be at Kings Castle Theater. Dino and his wife Cheryl are also famous in Branson Missouri for their 24Karrot Cake Company, which is now the Dino Branson Cake & Coffee Co. So while you're in town, before the show, maybe stop by and try a bite of mouth watering cake!


Call us for the 2016 Dino Kartsonakis concert schedule, reviews and to buy Dino Branson tickets.

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2016 Schedule

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2016 Ticket Prices

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