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Fantastic Caverns Springfield MO

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2015 reviews, hours of operation, guided tours, coupons, discounts and interesting facts about Fantastic Caverns Springfield MO. Find out what it's like and about the only ride through cave tour in the area. It's great for all ages and the handicapped or seniors who can't do a walkthrough tour. Call our tourism staff to buy tickets with our web visitor coupon code this month.


Fantastic Caverns

It was discovered in the 1860s, but the original owner silenced its findings until the conclusion of the Civil War, so it wouldn't be exploited for saltpeter. Fantastic Caverns Springfield MO caves were used as a speakeasy in the Prohibition, and later hosted music concerts in its natural underground music stadium. The music shows were broadcast on radio and television.


Out of the 6,500 known caves in Missouri, only a handful are open to visitors, and Fantastic Caverns Springfield MO is the only one offering a riding tour. It’s a ride thru tour on propane powered jeeps, which actually helps to preserve the interior and beauty of the caves. It's perfect for children, seniors, or handicapped visitors who can't do a walking guided tour. Knowledgeable local tour guides offer background information on how it was formed and the stories behind this, one of Missouri’s largest caves. Reviews state it is awe inspiring and enjoy the interactivity of the tour and enormous cave classroom. Guides use a high powered flashlight pointed at sensors to turn the lights on and off along the way.


Humans have never inhabited the caves inside; however, a variety of animals call this home. The grotto salamander, the rare blind Ozark cavefish and several other creatures can be found dwelling inside. Clean, unpolluted groundwater is vital to the preservation of this environment so water quality is carefully monitored. The temperature in this natural limestone cave is a constant 60 Fahrenheit.

Fantastic Caverns Coupons

It’s already one of the cheapest and best bangs for the buck close to Branson MO. To help you save even more, this month, we have a limited amount of Fantastic Caverns coupons for discount tickets. Another unique fact for 2015, is Branson's first family of entertainment, the Presleys, will perform inside the cave stadium where they performed half a century ago. Call our Branson MO staff for Fantastic Caverns coupons.


Fantastic Caverns Hours: It’s open daily year round except Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, from 8:00 AM to "dusk."  Guided tours depart every 20-30 minutes daily and take approximately thirty minutes. This all-weather attraction keeps an even temperature of a comfortable 60 degrees through summer and winter!

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