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Go Karts Branson MO

Details, hours, info, reviews and discount tickets for go karts Branson MO race tracks. It's an all ages high speed activity to test your skills against other drivers and prove your road skills. Visit the Branson Attractions page for a list of other go kart tracks in town including the track family fun parks.

Xtreme Racing Center


Xtreme Racing Center Branson is a brand new $3,000,000 racing theme park featuring Sodi karts from Nantes, France. This company has built high performance racers for 30 years. The Sodi vehicles are raced on the longest cart road course in the USA at 3,500 feet long. At Xtreme Racing Center, you’ll jump in the fastest karts in North America: the Pro Kart GT-5 (up to 30 MPH) and the Xtreme Kart RT-8 (up to 40 MPH). Every lap your racing times are capture on our racing computer utilizing individual transponders. In the future, when you return, you race against your personal best time. Occasionally races for "Daily Best" or "Hourly Best" are added for random thrill and competition. While you're at this go karts Branson MO center, have a great time playing video games or pinball, or just grabbing ice cream.

Xtreme Racing Branson


Xtreme Racing Branson MO welcomes you to this go karts Branson MO attraction for your family vacation where you can race the fastest go karts in Branson MO and play new up to date arcade games all in one spot. One of the biggest claims to fame that get the Xtreme Racing Branson tourist attraction is they have the fastest go karts in Branson MO! World famous Sodi high grade and high speed racers reach estimated speeds of 40 mph. There is a reason family vacation reviews are 5 stars for this activity.

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There are several Branson go kart tracks. This location is a brand new place with excellent tracks and swift cars. There are 2 tracks for those who want to go really fast and wear helmets. Closed toed shoes are required to race. Balaclava's (head socks) are required to be worn inside their helmets. For Branson go kart tracks discount ticket information, schedule, and to get a web visitor's discount coupon code click on the right button. To return to the Branson attractions 2015 list click the other green icon. 

Branson Go Kart Tracks

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