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Haygoods Branson MO 2016 schedule, coupons and information about the Haygood's Show. Call to buy Haygoods tickets, one of the most sold out Branson MO music shows, making it Branson's most popular show.

The Haygoods


The Haygoods are a talented group of five brothers and 1 sister performing at the Clay Cooper Theater with outstanding reviews. Originally a homeschool family, they got their start by playing at Silver Dollar City, and now perform to sold out crowds night after night. The Haygoods Branson MO show has incredibly tight harmonies, innovative, energetic choreography and amazing performances with over 20 different instruments from fiddles to banjos to harps! Over 4,000,000 families and tourists have seen the Haygoods Show in Branson MO.


The Haygoods Branson show takes pride in crafting an unsurpassed combination of dance, music, and excitement that has taken Branson by storm. A Haygoods Branson MO show is the ONLY show in Branson that comes out with ALL NEW shows every season! The much buzzed about Haygood's musical experience is nothing short of heart pounding family vacation fun that you will deliver something for every musical taste, age, and style of fan. This entertainment adventure includes tap dancing, singing, music, outrageous special effects, unstoppable energy, and crowd interaction. Reviews state it's one of the most innovative and creative shows in Branson Missouri. Check out why the Haygoods Branson MO performance is pure musical talent meeting cutting-edge performance, and the result is an electrifying ride of song, rhythm, and sound that you won't forget! It's one of the best shows to see in Branson MO.


Call us for the Haygoods Branson 2016 schedule at the Clay Cooper Theater and to buy Haygoods tickets.

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2016 Schedule

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2016 Ticket Prices

Child: $18

Adult: $38

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