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Jonah Branson MO

Jonah Branson MO 2015 schedule, information and coupons for Jonah at the Branson Missouri theater. Call to buy Jonah Branson tickets, the largest of the live Branson MO theater shows with the best reviews.

Sight and Sound Branson


The Jonah Branson MO show just opened for 2014! It had over 800,000 guests opening season in Lancaster, PA. Jonah is the epic Biblical story told in a theatrical setting at the Sight and Sound Branson theater in a way that is authentic and keeps the original story intact, but in a way that’s live in front of your eyes. Audiences of all ages love it. It’s an uplifting, powerful, emotional show with surprises and interactivity from a story set 700 years before the birth of Jesus. He delivers a influential and timely message that resonates loudly with today’s world.


The Jonah Branson MO journey begins with the faithful and righteous prophet of God, when he disobeys God and runs away. His escapade wanders him through a horrifying storm, an encounter with a mammoth fish, and his new life in a wicked empire as he faces what becomes the greatest revival in history at that time. The story at the theater fits an ocean onto a stage and is a story of extremes we face as we trust in the Lord. When all is said and done, God reveals His extreme mercy and love not only for Jonah but His love for all. The performance has impressive staging, immersive effects, striking original music and a story that finds you leaning forward in your seat. Sight and Sound Branson theater brings the action front and center to each visitor in one of Branson’s larges theaters. See why the show is called "awe-inspiring," "uplifting" and "amazing." Previously the Sight and Sound Branson Missouri location had productions such as Noah and Joseph and Christmas productions.


Call us for the Jonah show in Branson 2015 schedule and to buy Jonah Branson tickets.

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2015 Schedule

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2015 Ticket Prices

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