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Mickey Gilley Branson

The 2015 schedule, coupons, info and reviews about the performance. Call to buy Mickey Gilley Branson MO tickets, to one of the most famous and original shows in town.

Mickey Gilley Theatre Branson MO


He’s a Country music legend known as the Energizer Bunny of the town. The Mickey Gilley Branson MO show is incredibly entertaining. He’s left his mark on American entertainment from Country music to movies and television. This year he’s performing all year long at his own Mickey Gilley Theatre Branson MO music hall. He’s had 39 hit songs, and 17 of those went to the top of the Country music charts. His award winning band of Southern guitar and Ozark fiddle players accompany his number one hits on stage as he continues to impress audiences. When the lights go down you’ll know why audiences have made this one of the most popular and longest running shows in Branson. Audiences always give great reviews.


The Mickey Gilley Theatre Branson MO building is one of the longest running theaters in town. In the 1980’s a fire destroyed his first theater. His show went on the road but joined the historic 76 Strip in the 1990’s the when Johnny Cash, Box Car Willie, Ray Stevens and others were coming to the area. The Mickey Gilley Theater had another setback however when his new theater burnt to the ground from an electrical short. Today the resilient entertainer walks out on his new theater stage and continues his musical career with stories, music, dance and tender moments. You’ll laugh as he cracks jokes and you’ll see why he wins entertainment award after award every year.



Call us for the 2015 schedule for his morning shows and to buy Buck Trent tickets.

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2015 Schedule

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2015 Ticket Prices

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