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Moses Branson MO

Moses Branson MO 2016 schedule, information and coupons for Moses at the Sight and Sound theater. Call to buy Moses Branson show tickets, the largest of the live Branson MO theater shows with the best reviews.

Sight and Sound Moses


The Moses Branson MO show just opened for 2016! It had over 800,000 guests opening season in Lancaster, PA. Sight and Sound Moses is the epic Biblical story told in a theatrical setting at the Sight and Sound Branson theater in a way that is authentic and keeps the original story intact, but in a way that’s live in front of your eyes. Audiences of all ages love it. It’s an uplifting, powerful, emotional show with surprises and interactivity from an iconic Bible story. He delivers a influential and timely message that resonates loudly with today’s world.

From the Red Sea parting to the Burning Bush, the Egyptian Plagues and the receiving of the Ten Commandments the Moses Branson show comes to life within a few feet from the front row. Journey back into Biblical time and journey through the splendor of ancient Egypt as the entire theater comes to life. It's a story of the oppression of Hebrews and the humble man that God raised to deliver the nation. It's an immersive spectacular event that received amazing reviews last year. You will experience the struggle for faith, freedom and belonging in the incredible adventure.

See why this show at Sight and Sound is called "awe-inspiring," "uplifting" and "amazing."


Call us for the Moses Branson show 2016 schedule and to buy Sight and Sound Moses tickets.

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2016 Schedule

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2016 Ticket Prices

Child: $19

Adult: $45

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