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National Tiger Sanctuary

Details, schedule, info and reviews and discount tickets for this wildlife refuge in Missouri. Tourists and locals can watch white tigers, lions, bears, mountain lions, panthers, Bengal tigers and many more Big Cats! at the National Tiger Sanctuary Branson MO location.

Tiger Sanctuary Branson MO


The National Tiger Sanctuary Branson MO attraction visitors find an educational facility dedicated to providing an educational facility for you and your family to get as close as you can to the Big Cats. You can get up close and personal with the animals. On your visit, you have just three feet of cage between you and these immense critters, and you’ll be as close as you can safely be. It’s a safe and protected environment in which all ages can enjoy the delight of discovery about big cats, including tigers, lions, panthers, and mountain lions just to name a few and you’ll even see baby animals including bears. Tours are guided and run three times a day, and you can witness the big cats sleep together, play with pumpkins and barrels, nurture their young, talk to each other, and eat as they tear through bones.


Tigers and other rescued big cats at the National Tiger Sanctuary Branson MO location will make your kids laugh and give you something that you can’t normally see. Special tours are available to watch the cats during feeding time. Visit their wildlife refuge location right down the road in Chestnutridge and Saddlebrooke.

Wildlife Refuge


There are various wildlife refuge tours on site. Tours include being able to feed the animals in the first USDA-approved facility in the country allowing the public to feed the cats. This tour opportunity at the wildlife refuge is once in a lifetime experience. You can also join behind the scenes tours where you'll get to experience firsthand the way the cats are cared for and fed. You will see how their food this Missouri wildlife refuge is prepared, assist in the feeding process, and watch as they eat their dinner.

Tiger Sanctuary Branson Coupons

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