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Presleys Country Jubilee

Presleys Branson MO 2016 schedule, coupons and information about the Presleys Country Jubilee. Call to buy Presleys Branson MO tickets, the most original show on the strip and one of the best variety shows with great reviews.

Presleys Theater


The family built the first LIVE music theater in Branson, Missouri for their Presleys Country Jubilee. Today, Presleys Theater is a landmark, and the family is still here entertaining audiences with Country music, Gospel, Bluegrass and hilarious comedy! Millions of people around the world have watched their show every week on RFD-TV and thousands see their performance in town every week at the Presleys Theater right off the strip. Come see why Presleys’ Country Jubilee is still THE show to see in Branson! The phenomenal growth of the music scene came after the town was featured on CBS’s 60 Minutes in 1991. Through all the national attention, they helped to spur the town to being what it is today. It’s this type of music and family performance that brought the history and values to this vacation town that brings families in year after year.


Presleys Branson


Branson’s original show on the strip was the Presleys Country Jubilee. While there is an ongoing controversy over what was the first show in Branson: Baldknobbers or the Presleys, both are a must see. No trip to town on your Missouri vacation is complete without a stop to see the Branson’s first family of entertainment variety show. It’s four generations of entertainment that Regis Philbin said is " A really magnificently talented family. When you come to Branson you've got to see their show!" The show has no relation to Elvis, but is one of the original and staple shows that started the music, comedy, dance and shows that exist in town. 


Call us for the Presleys Branson MO 2016 schedule and to buy Presleys Branson MO tickets.

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2016 Schedule

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2016 Ticket Prices

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