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Rockapella Branson 2016 schedule, coupons and info about their concerts. Call to buy Rockapella tour tickets for limited engagement 2016 concert dates in Missouri.

Rockapella Branson MO


Rockapella is an American a cappella musical group whose sound mirrors their name "rock" and "a cappella." They perform original music as well as a cappella covers of rock songs, pop music, soul classics, and high energy R&B style originals. The Rockapella tour landed their first big success in Japan, and in America landed fame in the PBS game show "Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego?" Rockapella Branson MO will be a vocal powerhouse performance. They've released 19 albums, and 3 compilation albums.


They've performed in NBC’s The Sing-Off, movies like Pitch Perfect. They’ve toured the globe and provided entertainment that's often imitated but never duplicated. They have no instruments, no tracks, no mirrors and appeal to all ages. Rockapella Branson MO shows will be at Andy Williams Theater off the strip in Branson Missouri in 2016. The Rockapella Tour has displayed to audiences the amazing power of pure vocals in skill and originality.Audiences have a hard time believing it’s just vocal harmony making all the music. The voices make up the same elements that create a modern band including percussion, bass, melody and harmonies. As the boys say,  “The best musical instrument of all time is the human voice and if you see the Rockapella Tour you'll know that it's true.”


Call for the Branson 2016 schedule and to buy Rockapella Branson MO tickets.

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2016 Ticket Prices

Adult: $35

2016 Schedule

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Call 417-334-0003 for info

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