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Shepherd of the Hills Zipline

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2015 reviews, prices, coupons, discounts and interesting facts about the Shepherd of the Hills Zipline. Find out what it's like to ride the Vigilante Zipline off of Inspiration Tower, one of the tallest points in elevation in the state of Missouri. Call to buy tickets for this new ziplining attraction through us with our web visitor coupon code.

Vigilante Zipline Branson MO

It opened to the public June 26, 2010. The Vigilante Zipline Branson MO ride is the first ZipRider to launch from a pre-existing tower and set speed and length records across the USA. It offers an exhilarating and exceptional experience that obtains great reviews. The name of the Vigilante Zipline Branson MO attraction came from the roots of the settlement and the settlement’s connection to the group of vigilantes called the Baldknobbers. They were an infamous Ozark Mountain outlaw group in the 1800’s. This isn’t a typical backyard zip line. It’s a giant record breaking ride with a rush that rivals roller coasters, and a once in a lifetime experience. Here are some facts about the Vigilante Zipline.

·         Length: 2370 feet long (1/2 mile)

·         Vertical Drop: 370 feet

·         Top Speeds: 55 miles per hour

·         Oldest Rider: Over 100 years old!

Vigilante Extreme Ziprider

It’s all ages! The oldest Vigilante Extreme Ziprider user to ride was over 100 years old! The only restriction to ride is weight and four riders can shoot off of Inspiration Tower at a time. It starts with a ride up a glass elevator to a climate controlled, indoor observation lookout deck. This deck on Inspiration Tower allows visitors to see the Ozarks from Missouri to over 90 miles into Arkansas!


The Vigilante Extreme ZipRider launches beneath the indoor observation deck. Visitors are comfortably buckled in and checked for safety. The operator opens the gates and riders experience an Ozark scenic rush unique to this attraction! Customers soar ½ mile across the historic 160 acre homestead at top speeds of 55 mph! There’s a surprise landing and exhilarating stop. Staff assists at the bottom of the hill to unharness, and visitors are then transported by tram back to the top.

shepherd of the hills zipline, inspiration tower



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