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Shoji Tabuchi

The 2016 schedule, information and coupons for the Shoji Tabuchi Show. Call to buy Shoji Tabuchi tickets, with the fanciest bathrooms of any of the Branson MO music shows and possibly any other American theater.

Shoji Tabuchi Show


The Shoji Tabuchi Show performance features his amazing instrumental talent and his beautiful wife Dorothy and daughter Christina and full band and cast all play, sing, and dance in the most sold out show in Branson MO. They're dedicated to family values and family entertainment and play country and classical at the Shoji Tabuchi Theater.


Dorthy has worked with a renowned choreographer, and had long hours of rehearsals, and brought Shoji Tabuchi Show to a state of perfection that rivals any dance company in the world. The show ranges from dancing with twirling cowboy ropes to lively polkas to dancing the Sugar Plum Fairy danced on toe during a special Christmas performance.


The performance also incorporates Taiko drums and many other instruments from Japanese culture. The Shoji Tabuchi Theater is also famous for its bathrooms. They've been covered in reviews in magazines, newspapers, and the Travel Channel. The men's bathroom has a $35,000 hand carved billiard table, fireplace and leather seats. The ladies bathroom has fresh orchids, onyx and granite sinks with faucets made of gold.See why this is the most popular show in Branson Missouri and add this performance at the to your vacation plans. 


Call us for the 2016 schedule and to buy Shoji Tabuchi tickets.

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2016 Schedule

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2016 Ticket Prices

Child: $25

Adult: $37

Call 417-334-0003 for info

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