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Sky Surfer Branson



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Branson Sky Surfer

Parents and grandparents are always on the hunt for new and exciting family vacation activities. The Branson Sky Surfer is a blast for all ages and you don’t have to be a surfer to have fun! It’s a cross between a zipline, surfing, and feeling what it’s like to fly through the air without a plane. The sensational thrill of soaring above the Branson city on this magic carpet platform seems impossible, but is just as fun and unique as it looks! Add it to an amazing list of adrenaline rush rides and, with there only being a few of its kind in the world, it might be a once in a lifetime opportunity. Riders for the Branson Sky Surfer are strapped in safely with multiple safety precautions. Make sure to snap a picture while you were riding. Visitors climb aboard this towering flying thrill ride and are strapped in for an experience on par with flying through the air!

Sky Surfer at Xtreme Racing

Sky Surfer at Xtreme Racing is just one of the activities on site. The Xtreme Racing Center gives kids a chance to race as well! Kids can start off in mini-karts and progress all the way to the fastest go karts in Branson: the GT-5! It’s powered with a 2600 cc Honda engine and speeds around the track course like a real race car. The Branson Sky Surfer at Xtreme Racing is located directly across from “The Largest Toy Museum In The World” in town. After the racing center joined forces with this magic carpet ride it ranks in reviews as one of the highest speed attraction locations in town. It’s the only attraction like it in the entire world. Some visitors already call it one of the “best attractions in Branson.”

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2015 schedule, reviews, prices, coupons, discounts and interesting facts about Sky Surfer Branson MO. Find out what it's like to ride this unique attraction. Call to buy tickets for this flying surfboard through us with our web visitor coupon code.

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