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Skydiving in Missouri



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Skydiving Missouri

You may not know but the skydiving Missouri tradition years ago. Since the beginning, mankind has always wanted to fly. Sky diving began in the 1700's with André Jacques Garnerin a Frenchman. Jacques flew hot air balloons and eventually successfully made the first skydive jump with a silk parachute attached to a balloon basket. He traveled Europe showing off at 3,000 feet high for crowds doing antics and stunts to scare onlookers. Today it’s your turn to be the French daredevil. Skydiving Missouri sees dozens of excited fliers each day.


Skydiving Missouri options include a tandem skydive, advanced training, and it’s the best anniversary, wedding or birthday present ever. One of the premier jump sites besides Kansas City and Saint Louis is the next door neighbor of Springfield, Branson Missouri. The reason why is you can actually make your sky dive the ultimate adventure by adding a helicopter.  Helicopter sky diving allows for prompt secluded pickup, pinpoint accurateness, and the pleasure of flying in a chopper.

Branson Skydiving

Nearby Branson Missouri you’ll find several jump sites and companies offering services to cross this extreme and unique activity off your crazy summer bucket list. With Branson skydiving visitors find themselves perched at the edge of the airplane door every day. Shortly after they get out the jitters and butterflies they make the exhilarating fun jump over the 10,000 - 14,000 feet between you and Branson soil. Want to know what is it like to skydive? Cool air hits your face as your tandem master provides you last minute instructions before the jump. They’ll check all key hooks and straps. Your journey from air above Taney County and Stone County will seem surreal as clouds whip past and the earth appears miniature. Once you’ve landed congratulations, you’re one of the few people to say they jumped out of a plane, flew through the air, and went sky diving. Branson skydiving tourists give this experience amazing reviews.


Branson skydiving has a network of drop zone locations in town and the surrounding area! Once attendees face the power of terminal velocity high above their sky diving places in Branson Missouri and walk away victorious, daily challenges pale in contrast.

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2015 schedule, reviews, prices, coupons, discounts and interesting facts about skydiving in Missouri. Find out what it's like to take the big jump out of the plane and skydive in Branson. Call our tourism staff to buy tickets for sky diving with our web visitor coupon code.

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