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Stone Hill Winery Branson

Details, unique facts, info and reviews of the Stone Hill Winery Branson MO venue. Taste, touch, experience and learn about the history and even bring the kids for an educational interactive fun afternoon.

Missouri Wine


The original company was established by German immigrants in 1847, it is the largest Missouri wine company. Stone Hill Winery Branson Missouri wine is world renowned, winning gold medals in 8 world fairs, including Vienna and Philadelphia. They currently ship 1,250,000 gallons of Missouri wine per year. It’s the oldest and most awarded winery and one of our town's most popular attractions with 12,000 square feet of grape country bottling. It’s located at the junction of Highway 165 and Green Mountain Drive. You can enjoy sampling wines and juices, relaxing in one of the six tasting rooms, and shopping the gift shop.  

Stonehill Winery


When you’re visiting the Stonehill Winery you can bring your family. Visitors under 21 get to sample the different juices they including sparkling raspberry and unique grape juice. Tours are every 15 minutes so there’s hardly a wait time. You can spend a fun afternoon with their very funny, interactive, knowledgeable, and sincere tour guides. Free educational wine tasting tours feature a full choice of wines to suit everyone's palate. It’s a satisfying experience and over all a well humored and interesting tour. Two of the highlights that receive great reviews at the Stonehill Winery are the bottling room and barrel aging room. Stonehill Winery owns seven beautiful vineyards totaling 182 acres, and 6 of these are located in Hermann Appellation. The vineyards raise the following varieties: Vignoles, Vidal, Chardonel, Concord, Catawba, Norton, Cayuga, Vidal, Seyval, Vincent, Vivant, and many more. It’s ranked the third largest in the world, and is listed with the National Register of Historic Places. 

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Branson Wineries

For Branson wineries information, schedule, tour hours, and unique facts on each of the places in town click below for info. To return to the Branson wineries and a 2015 attractions list click the green icon on the left. The Mount Pleasant Winery is known for its giant above ground wine cellar with interactive, group, and self guided tours. The Lindwedel Winery is known for its boutique Missouri wine tasting and intimate, authentic, and rustic atmosphere. 

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