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Talking Rock Caverns

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2015 reviews, hours, walkthrough details, coupons, discounts and interesting facts about Talking Caverns. Find out what it's like and all the extra free family activities on site like crawl mazes, hiking trails, mini golf, and mining. Call our tourism staff to buy tickets with our web visitor coupon code this month.

Talking Caverns

Talking Caverns (originally called Fairy Cave) is an underground cavern system nestled in Stone County Missouri. Along with Marvel Cave it’s one of the other Herschend family caves. Talking Rock Caverns provided guided cave tours at regular intervals with skilled and local guides. Locals and families on vacation are brought through a series of underground platforms and steps that eventually lead to the natural floor of the cave. It’s a vertical cave and there are 265 steps. Inside the attraction there are curtain and the bacon formations. All Talking Rocks Cavern guided tours include a light and sound show. The bottom of the Talking Caverns regularly floods during intense rains. Water seeps from the surface earth level and the cave acts like a drainage system emptying into the river below. The electrical wiring of this area inside is specially built to accommodate underwater standards for the flooding. Flooding occasionally shortens but doesn’t stop spelunking and Talking Rock Caverns tours.

Talking Rocks Cavern Branson MO

It’s located just west of Branson along the highway. It’s privately operated by the Herschend family as a tourist activity. Talking Rocks Cavern Branson MO underground system has very few life forms typical to most similar cave attractions, because the cave's sole entrance was sealed following its unearthing. Here is a list of fascinating things to do on site that always get great family reviews.

GIFT SHOP: A place to mill around and browse for old era souvenirs and items unique to the Ozarks and Talking Rocks Cavern Branson MO.

CRAWL MAZES: There are a series of unique spelunking caving mazes on site for kids and parents to play in.

HIKING TRAILS: These offer families additional activities on site to spend the rest of the afternoon along secluded natural hiking trails.

MINI GOLF: Following the tour, there is themed putt putt mini golf for the family.

MINING: Probably the most interesting part following the tour is gemstone mining where tourists learn how to recognize semi-precious gems and minerals while you’re actually able to mine!


Talking Caverns outdoor facilities also have nature trails, an observation lookout tower, indoor and outdoor crawl mazes, and shaded picnic areas which are free for guests. There are a ton of free things to do once you’ve completed the tour

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