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The Hits Starring Collin Raye

The Hits Starring Collin Raye 2016 schedule, coupons and information about his concerts. Call to buy Collin Raye tickets for limited engagement 2016 concert dates in Missouri.

Collin Raye Branson MO


The Collin Raye Branson MO show is a new performance in town, The Hits Starring Collin Raye, will continue to gather outstanding reviews from the critics. He has 24 top ten records, 16 number one hits and has been 10 time male vocalist of the year nominee (5 CMA and 5 ACM). An icon of his era, he remains one of the most talented voices of our time. His chart topping songs include, “On the Verge,” “What the Heart Wants,” “Every Second,” “One Boy, One Girl,” “Anyone Else,” and “If I Were You.” This year he’s appearing with special comedic guest “The Chipper Experience” at the Moon River Theater.


His soulful, heartfelt songs have blasted on Country music radio charts building him a massive fan base. He has won five Academy of Country Music Awards and his CMA awards include Album of the Year, Single of the Year and Best Male Vocalist. When he’s not on stage, he’s a philanthropist. The list includes the Special Olympics, Boys Town, Task Force Against Domestic Violence, and Country Cares About AIDS. Recently, he was awarded Humanitarian of the Year. When he’s out volunteering he gives his all, and now that he’s here he’ll be giving his all on stage performing shows to remember featuring his greatest hits. Consider adding this show at the Welk Theater to your list of shows.


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2016 Ticket Prices

Child: $39

Adult: $39

2016 Schedule

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May 27 - 7PM

Call 417-334-0003 for info

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