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Titanic Branson



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Each guest to the Titanic Branson MO attraction receives an actual boarding pass of an real passenger or staff from the ship. At the Titanic Museum Branson MO permanent exhibit visitors walk through galleries of over 400 personal and private actual artifacts on display. These are not recreations and are valued above $4 million and hold documented evidence of original authenticity. Many items are on display for the first time in the world. You’ll be able to touch an actual ice berg, sit in a life sized lifeboat, and much more. Children and adults discover their passenger or crew’s outcome in the Memorial Room where 2,208 names line this momentous wall. Below is a list of things to do at the Titanic Museum Branson MO location.

Titanic Museum Branson MO

Titanic Exhibit Branson

The Titanic Exhibit Branson Missouri ship has so many activities. You’ll walk up the authentic Grand Staircase. This is not just another museum. Kids and grandparents have the exact same amount of fun because of its interaction. Here are some surprises and secrets about the Titanic Exhibit Branson museum.


Touch an actual iceberg in 28 degree water

Shovel coal in the boiler room

Learn to send an SOS signal

Steer the Titanic Branson ship

Stand on sloping decks at the massive boat’s stern during descent

Sit an actual size lifeboat

Hear real passenger stories from costumed staff

Take a photo in the $1 million proportionate Grand Staircase

Discover your passenger's outcome in the memorial room

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2015 schedule, reviews, details, discounts and interesting facts about the Titanic Branson MO exhibit. Call to buy Titanic Branson tickets with our coupon code. It's one of the most interesting and interactive exhibits in town with amazing reviews from entertainers, TV celebrities, and travel channels.

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