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Dogwood Canyon Horseback Riding



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Dogwood Canyon Branson MO

HORSE RIDES: Scenic leisurely Dogwood Canyon horseback riding explores secluded ridges and hollows and comes with quick lessons on how to ride. For children ages 3 to 9 there are Jr. rides. If you’re feeling adventurous at Dogwood Canyon Branson MO, one of their signature trail rides is their cattle drive. It’s the ultimate cowboy experience! Riders gather and herd colorful Texas longhorns and eat a hearty meal following the round up at the chuckwagon site. If you want to spend a whole afternoon out at Dogwood Canyon Branson MO, there’s a five to six hour advanced horseback ride through emerald pastures, wooded areas and Little Indian Creek with a lunch. Riders must be at least 8 years old, and less than 260 lbs on most ride packages.


OTHER ACTIVITIES: Besides leisure guided horse tours there’s a myriad of activities. One of the Dogwood Canyon Branson MO greatest appeals is the sparkling, spring fed water that is home to shiny rainbow trout. Visitors enjoy beautiful walking trails and biking trails. Tourists can even rent bikes and kiddie carts for kids. One claim to fame is the majestic open air trams which allow guests to ride over bridges and low water crossings. Experienced guides enhance your adventure as you cruise the canyon floor and see the historical Great Spirit Rock Shelter and Indian Burial Cave. There are also wildlife tours and walking trails that cover 6 1/2 miles. Paths are relatively level so even grandparents and kids will enjoy it. 

Horse Riding in Branson MO

Traveling in the back country, while horse riding in Branson MO, is a great way to spend family time. Enjoy animals, hills, mountain wild flowers, and songbirds that cover the landscape. The Branson area offers several places to enjoy horse rides on well trained safe horses. Horse riding in Branson MO sees enthusiasts who are animal lovers and want to get back to nature. If you’ve road horses all your life you’ll have a blast going down moonshine trails and doing cattle drives. If you’ve never road a horse, there’s always a first time! Check out the deals and other riding locations.

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