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Bear Creek Trail Rides

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On this authentic vacation experience you’ll do something different and travel back in time to a calmer lifestyle. Branson horseback riding has several places to go on tours and trails. Visitors see Ozark outdoors wildlife from Bald Eagles to raccoons, red foxes, squirrels, chipmunks, beavers and more. The only noise you’ll hear is songbirds, streams, and the sound of horse hoofs. Branson horseback riding enthusiasts say they love the new experience and a lot of veterans say they enjoy taking their kids and grandkids to see what life was like during simpler times. If you’re a pro, that’s no problem. There are dozens of different levels of rides including a cattle round up and breakfast and dinner trail rides. You can also rent a horse for the day.


Experienced wranglers will provide lessons before the ride, teach everyone how to handle the horses, and provide directions along the way. Branson horseback riding guides take tours to atop scenic overlooks. Visitors will navigate steep hills and territory too rugged for travel on foot. Some routes stretch over several miles, and longer routes even stop for breakfast or lunch along the way. Look below for exact horseback riding Branson MO businesses and routes and what they have to offer.

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Uncle Ike's Trail Rides

One of the longest running horse ranches and Branson horseback riding tours. Uncle Ike’s Trail Rides offers daily rides since 1970. They also provide lessons, breakfast, dinner and romantic route packages. Also, children only have to be 6 to ride! Uncle Ike’s Trail Rides skilled guides escort tourists on a 2 mile long shady nature trail dating back to the 1800’s. This path cuts through 150 acres of Ozark Missouri hillsides, ridges, and hollows. Reviews say it's one of the best rides in the Show Me State.

Bear Creek Trail Rides bring visitors back in remote and rural summer coves and fall foliage on paths. It’s a great way to learn about the animals, Ozark wild flowers, mountain trees, and songbirds that are found in the Ozark Mountains. These guided horseback rides use safe well trained horses to bring visitors atop scenic overlooks. Bear Creek Trail Rides travel through shaded, beautiful and exciting nature. Guided tours cover a 500 acre private secluded ranch along Bear Creek near Branson Missouri. 

Horseback Riding Branson MO

What better way to experience the Ozark hill country beauty than visiting horseback riding Branson MO locations. There are several Missouri places nearby to enjoy family time or go on a date riding horses. Families on vacation can enjoy local lessons, rentals, camp, and trail tours. Scroll down to see.

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Dogwood Canyon Guided Horseback Tours

It’s the most unique horseback riding Branson MO guided tour. Dogwood Canyon guided horseback tours travel through immense landscapes and breathtaking scenery. There are secluded regular routes and hour to two hour packages. However, there are exclusive cattle drives, Indian creek paths, and lunch excursions with a hearty meal at a Chuckwagon site.  Click below on the green icon to find out more about Dogwood Canyon guided horseback tours. 

Shepherd of the Hills Horse Rides

Some of historic horse excursions in town are the Shepherd of the Hills horse rides. Pick out your horse for the ride and go down the same paths the Baldknobbers and moonshine smugglers used for decades. Horses trot past ponds, forests, under zip rides, and up and down hills. Shepherd of the Hills horse rides are especially beautiful in the fall. For the children and kiddos that don’t meet the age limit it’s no problem. Pony rides are available for toddlers and small kids. Click to find out more. 

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