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Uncle Ike's Trail Rides



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This horseback rider location is one of the most flexible, most unique, and most authentic in town. Many of Uncle Ike’s trail ride trails date as far back as the 1800's. Uncle Ike was the postmaster of Notch, Mo. when mail was still delivered via horseback riders. Shaded old paths meander through over 150 acres of Ozark hills.

For beginners or quick excursions a 40-50 minute ride runs single file through shaded nature trail over 2 miles long. Before starting, guides instruct children to adults on how to ride. Riders start along a ridge and the route drops down into the hollow. If you’re on a date, specialty horseback rides are available include romantic rides and breakfast and dinner rides. Families love the breakfast rides. This Uncle Ike’s trail ride goes 50 minutes into the tall pines to a camp area. Sausage gravy, biscuits, scrambled eggs, and hash browns are prepared for you and brought to camp with cold orange juice and hot coffee at an open fire.

At Uncle Ike’s trail rides the maximum weight is 235 pounds and the minimum age is six years old.

Uncle Ike's Trail Ride

Horse Riding Branson MO

Nearby horse riding Branson MO places are each unique in their own way. Some locations take riders as young as six, some have pony rides, and some have actual cattle drive round ups! On your vacation getaway to our Missouri town check out the possibilities. Besides Uncle Ike's Trail Rides there's Dogwood Canyon, Shepherd of the Hills, and Bear Creek each with their own unique excursion packages.


Horse riding Branson MO activities are some of the oldest attractions in town. While in days gone by horses were used out of necessity as mail carriers and to draw covered wagons in town, today it's a fun way to remember the past and spend family time together. If you're looking for ideas of things to do with the family in Branson Missouri, consider adding this activity to the list.

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2015 reviews, prices, coupons, discounts and interesting facts about Uncle Ike's Trail Rides Find out what it's like to go on one of these horse riding Branson MO guided tours. Call our tourism staff to buy tickets for the horseback rides with our web visitor coupon code.

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